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There are two major gameplay design principles that I had in mind for Celestial River; one, that battles be tactically engaging and properly prepare you for boss fights, and second that gameplay in general be smooth and facilitates the player thoroughly exploring their environment for everything that there is to find.

The first goal is achieved first by giving enemies enough hit points relative to the damage that you can do that it becomes worthwhile to develop specific strategies for dealing with certain enemies as efficiently as possible. In addition, status magic like Poison, confusion, and the like are always 100% successful if the enemy does not resist that status, and even bosses can be affected with diminished versions of those status effects, so you have reason to use Poison both in regular battles and in boss fights. Finally, there are three different types of abilities; Magic which consumes MP, Techniques that use up TP which is accumulated during battle, and Devices which consume items. Figuring out the right balance between all three sets of abilities will be the key to victory in battle.

The second goal is achieved by way of a milestone system; instead of gaining experience points in battle, you instead gain levels by completing objectives in each area. Generally speaking, defeating all enemies who are visible on the map, finding all the treasures, talking to everyone in town, and defeating bosses will earn you levels. There are special side areas that you can use to grind for money. Thus, there will be no need for grinding and the momentum of the story can be maintained.

Feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions.

Date: 2017-06-04 03:47 am (UTC)
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Make it so there's no run option in battle. You gotta commit to the fight


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