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On the last episode, a painfully obvious and painful plotline was established wherein Yuuma was framed for pranks he did not commit; at the time I'd stated that obviously Yuuma would be exonerated, and all those who'd so erroneously accused him would then beg his forgiveness, how could they have possibly thought such horrible things about him, truly they are not worthy of him. Then it occurred to me that there was another, equally insipid and trite possibility, that Yuuma would not get the forgiveness of his peers, but he would be magnanimous of his peers and would endure the slings and arrows of their unjust accusations, truly Yuuma is such a marvel, would that we could aspire to his heights.

Well, the fraud is exposed...and yet neither of these things happened. It was just..."Oh hey, we can prove that Yuuma did not do all those horrible things that everyone said he did." And nothing comes of it. To me, that seems an incredible display of narrative incompetence; that Shin Yoshida is unable to properly prop up his idiot hero through false accusation martyrdom...that's just special. True, I shouldn't be surprised, Shin Yoshida is after all both the man behind the DOMA arc AND the man who screwed up the Memory World arc for the anime, so gross incompetence of the highest caliber is not an unknown with this guy. And yet, I am.
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According to commercials I've just seen, Hailee Steinfeld, the lead of True Grit, has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in her role as Mattie, while Jeff Bridges was nominated for Best Actor in his supporting role as Rooster Cogburn. This is a load, to put it mildly; Not only was Hailee Steinfeld marvelously acted and impeccably well written, but she was far more of a protagonist than you get with most male leads in most movies, who are content to react to everything, have it all spelled out for them, and generally get dragged along by the ear to fulfill their designated lead duties. Mattie? Every step of the way, she is pushing, forcing, and driving the plot and being damn badass all the while. But no, the academy can't recognize her as the lead, because that would be counter to all our preconceptions about how these sorts of things work. Never mind that at the very least, the only reason I was even interested in seeing this movie was because it was about Mattie, and not Rooster. So, as the subject line says, I am outraged.

W. T. F.

Nov. 7th, 2010 12:37 am
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So I'm going through the Yugioh section of, because I am just the sort of idiot who would do such a thing, and I find this little number.

To quote the summary provided..."By Taylor Swift. One shot songfic for JMProduction's contest. YugixMyOC Kiyoko. Kiyoko likes Yugi, but he's dating Anzu who uses him and takes him for granted. Will Kiyoko tell Yugi how she feels? Teen for minor language and just in case Enjoy!"

I saw this, remembered some of the things that the friendslist has said about Taylor Swift, and just felt like bringing this up. I've not read the fic, I'm not that dumb. I just...what possesses someone to write something like this?
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Someone over on Fandom Secrets ( tried to claim that Bumi and Suki of Avatar the Last Airbender were white.



Bumi, named after the Hindu word for "Earth" and king of Omashu.

Suki, named after the Japanese word for like/love and leader of the "Kyoshi" Warriors.

I just...


Donquiote Doflamingo, what do you think of this?


I see, and what are your opinions, Marshall D. Teach?


Very good, and you, Monkey D. Luffy?


Well, there you have it; three infamous pirates with very healthy senses of humor all agree, this is hilarious.

And finally, let us remember the words of Mr. T, and give this fool our pity.
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So, on a lark, I decided to watch some episodes of Bleach. This included episode 195.

Episode 195 is hereby dubbed "Bullshit". )

Fortunately, I have Soul Eater to keep me happy.
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My internet was out all day yesterday.  I should have taken that as a sign to not go to Fandom Secrets.  But I just did.



Goddamn it, 147 is making my blood boil.  I guess fandom will never let a character live its mistakes down, so long as they have a vagina.  And that "She got a little better near the end" bull all over the place didn't help matters at all.

I want to write crack to remind myself of Anzu's awesomeness.  Ideas?

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Yeah, I read a certain fandom secret today, related to the icon I'm using for this post.

So, I'd like to get my mind of that, and what better way then a meme?  A meme which I hereby dub the unconventional OTP meme.

Comment on this post with a selection of your unconventional OTPs, I'll pick one, and you explain how the unconventional aspects of it make it more appealing to you.


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