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Now don't get me wrong; I disagree very strongly with everything about this secret, save that I too like to listen to the theme song to cheer myself up...but the mere fact that someone posted a secret about Mahou Sentai Magiranger just leaves me pleased as punch.
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My internet was out all day yesterday.  I should have taken that as a sign to not go to Fandom Secrets.  But I just did.



Goddamn it, 147 is making my blood boil.  I guess fandom will never let a character live its mistakes down, so long as they have a vagina.  And that "She got a little better near the end" bull all over the place didn't help matters at all.

I want to write crack to remind myself of Anzu's awesomeness.  Ideas?

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Yeah, I read a certain fandom secret today, related to the icon I'm using for this post.

So, I'd like to get my mind of that, and what better way then a meme?  A meme which I hereby dub the unconventional OTP meme.

Comment on this post with a selection of your unconventional OTPs, I'll pick one, and you explain how the unconventional aspects of it make it more appealing to you.
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The fail is here, secret number 144

And unfortunately, it's not even troll, that's someone's honest opinion. 
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Look at 108 and tell me with a straight face that that isn't the thinking of a spoiled brat.
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In particular, secret number 145.  I barely watched that show at all, and even I was pissed off about that clusterfrak of an ending.

Why so sexist, Japan? 


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