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Dr. Nambu: We can't operate on Joe, it's much too dangerous. Instead, we'll stuff him into a giant centrifuge and spin him around until the metal fragment comes out.

Still, even though Joe did spend half the episode in a coma, after saving a recently orphaned animal, something Joe yelled at Jinpei about two episodes ago, he did earn some legit badass cred. Congratulations Joe; to me, you are now more than just that guy who really, really, REALLY wants to shoot the bird missiles.
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Ah, so this is the one where Ken rides behind Jun on her motorcycle. There are so many dirty jokes to be made, I don't even know where to begin...
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Point the first; Dr. Nambu is a dick. "I wouldn't be surprised if the baby whale was more useful than you guys."

Point the second; So, Joe's parents are dead, so are Jun and Jinpei's, and Ken's dad is a total deadbeat who could have told his son what happened to him any time but didn't on account of him being a deadbeat. Makes me kind of worry about Ryu's parents, even if they do turn out to be alive.


Jinpei: Joe, hey Joe! What did your parents get you for Christmas?
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Some choice bits.

Joe: Let's shoot bird missiles at it!
Dr. Nambu: No, bird missiles won't work on it.
Joe: My life has lost all meaning.

Ken: We'll do whatever it takes to stop Galactor, Dr. Nambu.
Dr. Nambu: That's it, we need to steal Galactor's microfilm.

And finally,

Dr. Nambu: Say, has anyone seen Jinpei in the last 12 hours or so?
Ken: Nope, but I'm sure he didn't infiltrate the secret Galactor base while we were all sitting on our hands, and even if he did, he's most certainly not single-hadedly destroying the whole damn place while stealing the all-important Microfilm without even knowing that he needs to do that.
Jinpei: *Is doing exactly that.*

Also, I kind of wanted Ken to pull off Katze's mask off, only to realize that he has absolutely no idea who he's looking at. *Is a big Justice League Unlimited nerd*
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Creepy doll child was creepy. Especially in one lingering shot where her eyes are drawn in a really creepy way. Also, this;

Ken: Jun, stop trying to adopt every small child we come across.
Jun: Come on, just this once?
Ken: No, not ever!
Jun: Just for that, no looking up my skirt for a week.
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Ken: Jun, how on Earth did you get captured so easily?
Jun: The moment I went off-screen, all my competence magically disappeared.
Ken: Well, now that you're on-screen again, can you be super-badass and save the day?
Jun: Yes. *Does so*

Also, sugar? Galactor, you make me worry about you sometimes.
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*Puts on Moral Guardian Hat, Glasses, and Suspenders*

Jun! How could you possibly expose Jinpei to such filth?! A young boy like him needs to get to bed on time, he doesn't need to be at a late night party with flashing lights and shaking booties! What kind of Big-Sister-Figure/Mother-Substitute/Custodian/Whatever-Exactly-It-Is-You-Are-To-Him are you?

*Takes off Moral Guardian Hat, Glasses, and Suspenders*
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No Jinpei, it is not cool when Ken refers to Jun as "Doll". Granted, he's not like that usually, but when he does do shit like that, that's when you stop admiring him. Oh, 1970's Japanese children's cartoon with environmental themes that make Captain Planet look subtle, sometimes I worry about you.
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Two thoughts.

One, who thought to name the super metal, Whisker? That just seems weird.

Two, Jun standing on Ken's shoulder's made the following conversation play out in my head.

Jun: Ken, what have I told you about looking up my skirt?
Jun: That is correct.

I think that says more about me than it does about the show.
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Ken, you have issues, both of the Daddy variety, and of the revenge variety. Please do not push either of these issues onto bereaved young girls who've just lost their fathers, ever again. Also, do not punch them in the stomach and drag them onto dangerous missions without informing them or getting their consent.

Also, if you were to let someone else on the Science Ninja Team have some screen time and focus, that would not go amiss. You being really in love with Jun only goes so far, Ken the Eagle.
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Here's what I took from the first episode of Gatchaman.

Ken: Hey, have I told you guys how awesome my girlfriend Jun is, and how I can never disagree with her, and I literally can't live without her?
Everyone Ever: Yes, repeatedly.

Seriously, those two. They're not fooling anyone.


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