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Between Walmart achieving cartoon super-villainy with the selling of Girl Scout Cookies knock-offs, and Hot Gimmick...existing, my faith in humanity has reached a new low.

Give me something joyous, happy, and full of win to write about.  Any prompt.  Anything.  Because goddamnit, I do not want to stay in this black-hole of hate I find myself in.
cypsiman2: I still believe in my dreams (Denial)
Just when I thought that 5D's couldn't be anymore terrible then it already was... )

Fortunately, I have my "Anzu beats up the ninjas and rescues her Yuugi-muffin for great justice" crack to work on and keep me sane, and by this Friday the next chapter of One Piece will be up, and the glorious, good crack, joy that it is made of will cleanse me of my infinite hate and replace it with infinite joy.
cypsiman2: I still believe in my dreams (Denial)
So, [ profile] a_white_rain has made a post pointing out once again that the people in charge of casting for the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie are not only morons, but are also stupid tactless twits as well. I've been pretty quiet on the internet about this, mostly because I've been focusing on so many other fandoms recently (PERSONA 4 I LUV U <333!), but with this, this is the straw that broke the camel's back. So, it's a bit late, but, this is my rant.

Cut for those who wish to be spared invective and rage )

So, that's how I feel. Does anyone understand where I'm coming from on this?


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