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I have to admit a certain amusement at how Eriol had planned on Yue/Yukito pairing off with Sakura, only for him to go with Touya; not even the most powerful sorcerer in the world can anticipate for the power of Ho Yay it would seem. It's also interesting how there are no bad guys or villains in this story, and yet there's no lack of conflict or tension; it's a very rare thing.

Also, Sakura/Shyaoran OTP forever and ever.

P.S. I'm going to give Puella Magi Madoka Magica another try soon, now that I have a few more magical girl series under my belt.
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Blah blah blah, Syaoran continues to be adorkable, yadda yadda yadda, Sakura is a total bamf...

Oh, and Touya is now providing Yue with magic at the cost of not being able to see his mother's spirit and it seems like Fujitaka is going to be some sort of construct that Clow had created as part of his ridiculously, ludicrously convoluted plan to do...something. Yeah.
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Syaoran finally realizes that he's totes in love with Sakura, and Sakura herself takes on a giant teddy bear monster by growing wings and cutting its ear off with a sword, all while suffering from a fever, because she's badass like that. Aside from that, most of this volume was just setup for later stuff, like how Eriol, Yukito, and Sakura's dad all look alike apparently.
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So, that's how we keep the story going for another six volumes; Clow Reed's reincarnation shows up and is creating situations where Sakura has to fill the Clow cards with her own power, causing her to fall unconscious afterwords. Also, Syaoran continues to be ridiculously adorkable and easily flustered.
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So, Sakura has gathered all the cards, sealed them, and passed the judgment and thus averted the Great Disaster...and we still have six more volumes left. I have no idea what to expect from here on out, aside from Syaron being incredibly adorkable, apparently?
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The Sleeping Beauty play was magnificent, and Li in a dress will never not be hilarious, with his frumpy angry little boy face. He is just so precious. Also, Sakura's finally beginning to learn something about the imminent judgement if the cards aren't sealed, so it looks like the plot's begun to move. Should be interesting.
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So Syaoran is starting to crush on Sakura, while still crushing on Yukito, Sakura is crushing on Yukito and Kaho, Kaho used to have a chance with Touyou but now he's all about Yukito, and Chiharu and Yamazaki are being paired off as well. Really, you could call this manga "Everyone Loves Everyone" and you wouldn't be far off the mark.
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Well, well, well, what are you up to, Mizuki Kaho, and where does Touyo recognize you from? Things have become intriguing, in addition to being hilarious.
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So Li, Sakura, and Touya are all in love with Yukito, Tomoyo is in love with Sakura, and Rika got an engagement ring from her teacher. There are times when this story can be very hilarious, and times where I have to look at askance and move on. Also, if Sakura and Tomoyo's mothers were cousins, what exactly does that make them, genealogically speaking?

However, Sakura being super badass magic-user who saves the day all the time and is never shown up by Li is always awesome.
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So, Sakura's mother Nadeshiko got married at age 16 and died at age 25 when Sakura was three years old, and her brother Touya is seven years older.  Which means that he had to have been born when Nadeshiko was only 15...either CLAMP can't do math or Touya is in fact supposed to be a bastard.


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