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In this episode, Aang is very much the opposite of how most people are. Most people are in a minimal state of dress when they sleep and put on clothes when they wake up. Not so for Aang! He sleeps fully clothed and takes off his shirt when he gets up in the morning. Not that Katara objects in the slightest, of course.

... The poster says it all.

Old man Roku is badass, so very badass, and yet all it takes is one SOB who ought to know better to screw everything up. 'twasnt the fire which killed Roku, it was Sozin stepping all over his heart.

Yeah, big damn reveal going on. But what is this? Spongebob is up next? In real life, this is where Zuko is storming off to his trailer, ranting about how he doesn't have to put up with this shit.

So yes, "The Avatar and The Firelord" is awesome.
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All throughout season one and two, we've been getting tons of shirtless scenes from the guys, all the way from Aang to Zuko, yet only a couple of times do we get Katara in a bathing suit, and even then only for a little while. Today was the day that the Dangerous Ladies decided to get skimpy, and I approve.

Azula was hilarious all throughout the episode. Every time she tries to flirt, party, or otherwise not be a millitary monster, she flounders. And I approve.

So the Gaang is hiding in this crater, and Combustion Man attacks, and Aang distracts him and leads him on a merry chase before leaping onto Appa's back. Once he gets there, he decides to randomly grope Katara for no reason at all, and judging from Katara's smile, she seems to approve. And so do I.

There's this wonderful campfire scene with lots of character development and revelations, and Azula decides to cap off the whole evening by destroying the house of the guy who was hosting the party that they went to. And like, he was set up to be this huge jerk, only he never was, which just makes it all the more hilarious.


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